Monday September 11 2017 2:00pm: everyone safe; power out; anticipated reopening Thursday September 14, 2017

Status: Safe; No Power; Anticipated Opening Thursday September 14, 2017

First things first… while the storm took a path nobody predicted and we took a direct hit, everyone who stayed with us is safe. We are richly blessed.

But, like most everyone else here, we have no power. At the 12 noon County EOC briefing power executives could not speculate about when power might return. We have food, water, and staff on hand, but we do not have power.

We are expecting to reopen on Thursday September 14, if we have power. Please check back for updates. It is possible that late week games will be cancelled if we do not have power Check back for updates.


1) Why can I not get in touch with you or my student? We have no power so our VOIP phones do not work. Lots of cell towers were damaged. The ones working are overloaded.

2) is not responding. Try again. The site gets busy. And, data in Florida is overloaded.

3) What if I do not have time to get back after definite reopening is announced? Get back as soon as you safely and reasonably can thereafter. Bring documentation (receipt, newspaper, ticket) that you were out of town. See Academic Dean upon arrival.

4) Where is more recent information? This is as up to date as it gets. As soon as we know something we post it here first.

Future Notices

Future notices will be posted as information becomes available.

A reminder that texting Webber to 888777 subscribes you to our emergency text notification system. Thank you for visiting, the official emergency notification system of Webber International University.

Posted date, time, by, and authority of: Sunday, September 11th , 2017 2:00pm EDT by the President of the University by his own authority.

Message ID: 2017-10

3 thoughts on “Monday September 11 2017 2:00pm: everyone safe; power out; anticipated reopening Thursday September 14, 2017

      • We do not want students who have somewhere else to go back on campus until we get power. We do not at this time (7:00am EDT Wednesday September 13) have no power. The Polk County Emergency Operations Committee meets at Noon. The Webber EOC meets immediately thereafter. I will try to find WiFi and post an update as soon after that as I can.


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