6 thoughts on “Power restored! Reopening tomorrow.

    • We announced days ago that we expected Webber would be reopening on Thursday. And, we knew at the time there would be a few students who could not make it back (whenever we reopened).

      Many of us have no power or water. Many of us have damaged homes. Many of us are having a tough time finding gas. And many of us have been on the roads. Therefore, we are aware that there are some students who simply cannot make it back on Thursday. Many, however — we have over 130 on campus and many others live nearby — can.

      We are asking that those students who can make it Thursday make it on Thursday. Those who cannot or should not get back Thursday should get back as soon as they reasonably and safely can. And, as noted, those who could not reasonably make it back need to bring documentation (out of town receipt, gas receipt corresponding to about empty, plane ticket, whatever) and talk to the Academic Dean upon their return.

      Safe travels, and we are thankful you made it through this horrible storm relatively unharmed. We join you in counting our blessings.


  1. I just saw this message and I am not sure what this means. If campus opens at 5 AM on Thursday, what does that mean for the dorm rooms.


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