COVID-19 Update May 1, 2020

Webber has neither closed (the CDC guidance never recommended closing universities) nor had a COVID-19 case.

The spring semester has ended, summer classes are on-line, and graduation has been postponed until December 12 at 10:00am (the graduates were loud and clear:  they want a REAL graduation with cheering families and friends, not a “virtual” graduation, whatever that is).

And, we are not about to get sloppy now.

The Governor’s Executive Order Number 20-112 (Phase 1: Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step. Plan for Florida’s Recovery) which opens some of Florida next week really has very little impact on our operations (basically we could restore indoor dining at 25% capacity if we wanted to).  We have continuously operated by virtue of being designated an Essential Critical Infrastructure Facility in the United States Director of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency’s March 28th Guidance.  Our fitness center and gym remains closed by the Governor’s Executive Order Number 20-91.

Effective until further notice,

  • The campus remains closed except to those who have a legitimate need to be on campus.
    • There will continue to be a 100% ID check at the front gate 24/7/365.
    • Those without Webber ID cards validated for the Spring 2020 semester must be on the list to get through the gate.
    • There will be a 100% temperature check at the gate. Anyone with a temperature will be denied access to the campus.
    • There will be no unescorted visitors anywhere on campus at any time.
    • The campus remains closed from 8pm to 7am every day. Unless you are scheduled to work during that time, you will not be admitted to campus during those hours.
    • Students living on campus may continue to use the campus facilities (e.g., swimming pool, lakefront):
      • Social distancing must be maintained.
      • Groups must be fewer than 5 people.
      • Facilities remain closed to non-residential students, faculty/staff, visitors/guests, and the community.
    • Restrictions for students living on campus remain in place. Students currently living on campus who do any of the following will be required to leave campus immediately and not allowed to return until fall:
      • Leaving campus for non-essential reasons;
      • Leaving Polk county;
      • Not practicing social distancing, whether on or off campus;
      • Circumventing or attempting to circumvent campus security and safety measures; or
      • Moving off campus (once you’re gone, you’re gone until next semester)
  • Employees should coordinate with their supervisors about where (i.e., at home, in their usual workplace, or in some temporary location allow more distance) and when to work.
    • If you are working on campus you MUST maintain social distancing.
    • Face coverings are required if there is a risk of breaking social distancing.
    • Gloves may be required depending upon task.
    • Everyone must be spread out. No desks or other workspaces close together (we have empty classrooms, an empty conference center, etc.)
    • If you are sick you should not come to work. Communicate with your supervisor.
    • If there are issues which make being on campus problematic, coordinate with your supervisor.
  • While we continue to utilize alternative meeting methods when possible, when face to face meetings are necessary
    • Visitor’s names must be on the list at the gate (employees should coordinate through the Captain of the Guard).
    • Visitors must go directly to the outdoors location where they have been told to meet.
    • Visitors must be escorted at all times.
    • A minimum of 6’ distance in every direction around every person must be maintained.
    • Our staff must wear face coverings.
    • There will be no meeting in offices… outdoors or in big open spaces (classroom, gym, etc.) only.

Posted date, time, by, and authority of:  May 1st,  2020 11:00am EDT by the President of the University of his own authority.

Message ID: 2020-8


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