July 7, 2021 8:30am EDT: All Clear

All clear.  Hurricane Elsa is now well north of Polk County, Florida.  Webber is at “business as usual” status. We are getting occasional bands of light rain and wind.

The campers have eaten their breakfast and are hitting the mats.  Security reports a quiet evening, with power remaining on and camp activities occurring as scheduled.  The University’s President and members of the Campus Senior Leadership Team and Campus Response Team walked the campus just after daybreak and found no apparent signs of damage.  As is customary after a storm room by room inspections are continuing.

This will be the last Hurricane Elsa related update.

Thank you for visiting http://www.WebberEmergency.com, the official emergency notification site of Webber International University.

Posted date, time, by, and authority of: Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 8:30am EDT by the President of the University of his own authority.

Message ID: 2021-4


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